High-resolution graphics on Transport packaging a pillar in FMCG Packaging!

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High-resolution graphics on Transport packaging a pillar in FMCG Packaging!

August 17, 2022

When we say we are one stop shop solution provider, we mean it! And our customers are here to prove it. Unipakhellas places brand image and display at the core of its practices, especially when it comes to transport packaging for the FMCG and Retail Industries. Not only do we produce transit packaging in the best quality and standards required, we also create retail impact and in-store attractiveness.


Equipped with advanced printing technologies and high-resolution printing capabilities, our technically advanced factories not only produce high volumes of sturdy packages for the FMCG and retail industries, but also makes sure that transport packaging in the form of RSC (Regular Slotted Containers) could play a promotional and marketing role when needed. This is where our qualified print department takes charge in creating a RSC with high resolution printing taking the package from a simple storage and transport box to an eye-catching and promotional tool.


Why choose Unipakhellas’ high resolution graphics solutions?

With the extensive knowledge in high resolution graphics printing from preparation to execution, the fulfillment time is faster and secure with provided print proofs and tolerance standards.

The customization possibilities are endless from structural shapes to printing effects, our experts can work with your team in order to execute your ideas on your packaging with the highest level of reliability.

Therefore, Unipakhellas is equipped with the solutions and capabilities to successfully partner with FMCG companies looking to both pack their products securely and safely, while promoting them in-store with the branding and colors that represent them best.

Our most recent branding for BAMBI boxes is an ideal example of how appealing and successful a high- resolution printing can be. You can see below how the box itself displays the true colors of the brand and serves as a transport package to the retails shelves.


Not to forget that our entire production goes in line with the circular economy, with all our products being eco-friendly, renewable, and easy to recycle.

For further information or to request a quote, get in touch with us.

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