Hospitality News Interviews INDEVCO’s Market Development Manager In the wake of COVID-19’s effect on the industry.

Hospitality News Interviews INDEVCO’s Market Development Manager In the wake of COVID-19’s effect on the industry.

As everyone in the world has witnessed and experienced, COVID-19 has majorly changed the way the world functions and how individuals work. This pandemic, from which emanated a health and economic crisis, has significantly reshaped all industries and businesses in fundamental ways.

Like many other industries, INDEVCO Group was impacted by the economic crisis that resulted from the ongoing global pandemic. Hospitality News Middle East Magazine got a closer look at how exactly COVID-19 shifted the many aspects of packaging design of INDEVCO Paper Containers, when it comes to food and beverage takeaway and delivery packaging, and within the hospitality sector.

In an interview conducted by Hospitality News with Edgard Bou Kheir, Market Development Manager at INDEVCO Paper Containers, many questions were tackled and addressed by Mr. Bou Kheir.

When asked about the impact of the pandemic on INDEVCO’s industry concerning the F&B and hospitality sectors, Mr. Bou Kheir had a rather positive outlook on the matter. He affirmed that the restrictions imposed on people and restaurants were actually in favor of the demand for takeaway and delivery order, increasing in its turn the demand for packaging material.

Diving into more details, the interviewee shared the new trends that the market will be witnessing, which included solutions offering safe delivery of products to the end user, and solutions for reduced physical contact between vendors and customers.

Mr. Bou Kheir elaborated by sharing the 3 new on-demand product lines that were developed to fit the new shopping trends that came along.

The distancing line, encompassing products that offer physical barriers for employees sharing the same workplace, a line for delivering groceries or other products safely, and a third one aimed at serving the e-commerce business, offering various solutions to small and medium enterprises. The e-commerce line is being promoted via INDEVCO’s own e-commerce platform UNIPAK The Shop, and you can access the below links to check it out: on Instagram and on YouTube.

Stressing on the impact of this pandemic in the future, the interviewer asked Mr. Bou Kheir if COVID-19 will extremely affect the packaging business, a question he immediately corroborated, by stating that changes will be seen and they will be focusing on speeding up traceability and safety related innovations.

Concluding the interview, INDEVCO Paper Container’s Market Development Manager stated his faith in the company’s continuity in being the leader in innovative packaging solutions for the F&B and hospitality sectors, among many more. You can check out the whole interview and all the questions and answers discussed in the link below:

INDEVCO as a whole always strives to be the pre-eminent business that can cater to different sectors related to hospitality and Food and Beverage, and to continually provide the most innovative products and services.



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