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UNIPAK The Shop launches its online store

April 20, 2021

In response to the market needs of our clientele, in a manner that best ensures safe practices through shopping from a distance, Unipak the Shop has launched its new website www.unipaktheshop.com to complement its current Instagram page, making it even easier for business owners to shop for small quantities of E-commerce corrugated cardboard boxes, that are easily assembled and designed to keep your customers’ orders intact.

Entrepreneurs and small online business owners can now shop our wide range of E-commerce packaging solutions on The Shop’s official website, a click of a button away, providing a smooth and practical way of shopping from the comfort of their homes. All orders placed will be shipped and delivered in the safest way possible with our delivery company partner.

In addition to meeting the requirements of the diverse sectors within the market, Unipak The Shop offers users the option to pay in cash for their orders upon delivery.

For a closer look inside The Shop’s profuse products, check out the website by following the link www.unipaktheshop.com, or head to its Instagram page under @unipaktheshop to browse the products and shop all things functional.